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The Broadway Musical is an essential component of life! And if you mock my obsession, I simply don’t care as I am so fine with it! So that being said, you can only imagine how happy was I got to shoot backstage at Wicked, one of my favorite shows?! I still have friends in the show from my days as a dancer in NYC and I loved getting to see them all backstage while I was doing my thing.

I saw the very first read through of Wicked in LA and fell in love with it. I later made my boss go see it on Broadway. I'm proud to say that I've turned him into a musical theater lover - in LA no less! I've  bonded with folks across the country over our love for this show and think everyone interested in theater should study Wicked as the perfect way to end an Act I. When you are next in NYC, get yourself to the Gershwin Theater to see what I mean!
I actually found myself a bit nervous to interview Joel Grey. He’s a huge Broadway legend for heaven’s sake! And truth be told, he couldn't be nicer - love that! And here's another little behind the scenes scoop: we were running late and the show really was about to start when I shot the close of this piece. Lucky for me I am a one-taker kind of gal because that’s all I got. Ah, the joy of live theater!


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A look behind the curtain.