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Boys can be so Petty

Usually out pounding the pavement, the Richard Petty Driving Experience had me hitting the tracks at 114 mph!

Chris McKee and all the guys at the track couldn’t have been nicer or better instructors. I was seriously contemplating using a stick shift for the first time in my life thinking come on, how hard can it be? Yes, I know…Thankfully, we realized this wasn’t the best plan and one of the guys rode with me, reaching over to shift gears as I stepped on the clutch. Quite a team effort! It's a funny thing, though, that when it comes to my show, fear goes out the window and I say bring it on! I recommend springing for the 18 lap King's Experience. I did the 9-lap Rookie Experience and it took me till lap 7 or 8 to get accustomed to steering the car up into wall when taking the turns as it felt so counterintuitive...centrifugal force and all that jazz.
If you saw the raw footage until I got the hang of it, you'd see this mystery arm reach into frame and take hold of the wheel, turning it to the right. Sounds like a religious experience, doesn't it? Well, for many of the folks that’s what Nascar is. I felt a tad guilty as our local assistant's dream was to drive one of these stock cars – but what can I say? Duty called. I know, I know – tough job but someone’s got to do it!


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Lets get this baby started!