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Dancing down the runway

The dance-driven fashion shows that I've created for designer Pamela Barish give me the chance to combine my passion for fashion, dance, and theater into one exciting show that definitely exceeds audience expectations. And choreographing site-specific productions is a fun, creative challenge. We danced around a pool at the Robinson Gardens, the first mansion built in Beverly Hills in 1911 and the site of infamous star studded parties throughout the decades. Fred Astaire and Shirley Temple danced the night away in the thirties, and today, it's been a fantastic chance for me to gather back together my Broadway pals for a few more dance numbers.

Pamela design stylish and sexy (in a casually elegant, not trashy way) clothes that are great to dance in. Audiences love seeing performers having fun, with expressive faces, not the vacant, angry stares that we’ve become used to seeing on the runway.
It may be standard in the modeling world, but I can't keep a stone cold face if I tried - which is why I could never do hard news - reporting on a fire with a smile on my face? Not an option! Know what you bring to the party, I always say! I defy anyone to keep a sullen face when presented with great music and dancing. Or a group of Rockettes kicking above your head - check out Jack Nicholson's face in the video - classic! Pamela teamed up with his daughter Jennifer for a collection and we put on quite a show!

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As featured on Entertainment Tonight.