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What's in a name? Everything!

When you hear the name Four Seasons you know you're in for a treat. I don't care where in the world you go, a stay here means luxury accommodations and superb service and the Washington DC address is no exception. I knew the reputation of their power breakfasts but having Sunday brunch with Condoleezza sitting nearby was quite the star sighting. Washington's politics is the East Coast version of LA's Hollywood after all. Hotels like to say they're a home away from home for the rich and famous but The Four Seasons really is. I'd say just ask the array of secret service personnel throughout the hotel but they're not a very chatty bunch.

Seriously though, service really is what the story's about. They'll give treats to Fido, balloons and candy to the kids...and just check out the spa to see what pampering is in store for you!
If you're like me, you enter a new hotel room and immediately check out the bathroom for lots of counter space and fancy toiletries. Here you've the kind that you hide in your suitcase and hope the housekeeper keeps replenishing - not that I know anything about that, mind you! A night here's not cheap, but just remember, they do say you get what you pay for.


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The name may say it all but watch anyway!