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It's Shamu!

Shamu's the star, but Seaworld San Antonio, the world's largest marine life adventure park, offers a lot more! It's a family entertainment showplace with more than 26 sensational shows, thrilling rides, animal attractions, and educational experiences for all ages. It's actually four parks in one on 250 acres: a show park, a rides and slides park, a water park and an amazing animals park. Plan for a whole day - at least!

The star of SeaWorld is Shamu in his new show 'Believe' but the zany Cannery Row Caper will have you laughing - and drenched if you sit too close (just an oh so helpful FYI!)

Here's a tip: If you want to meet some playful Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions, even feed them by hand, mealtime is the best time for a play date so check the day's feeding schedule.
Another tip: For the up close tours like the Saving a Species or Ultimate Seafari, tour times aren’t listed on the park map, so they’re easy to miss out on once you’re there. Book online ahead of time, or stop by the tour desk just inside the front gate for schedule information.


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I believe, I believe!