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The House that Jack built

Where else can you find 10 million cases of whisky in a dry town? The Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Virgina makes every drop of this world famous whisky. And yes, the county's a dry one. The tour doesn't include free samples, so there's no chance of getting loopy, but I swear you can catch a buzz from the smell in the fermenting room as you learn all about the history and process at this National Historic Site and oldest registered distillery in the the US.

Jimmy Bedford, only the sixth Master Distiller in the history of JD, oversees the entire whiskey-making process and showed me around. He's ruggedly handsome with a deep, slow churned voice that perfectly befits the Master Distiller! And he's the epitome of Southern hospitality, I might add, inviting us to dinner with his family. So while I've never been a big whisky kind of gal, I've a new found appreciation for this Tennessee Sippin’ Whiskey.
The secret to Mr. Jack's sour-mash whiskey? Its pure, cold, iron-free cave water, and sugar maple that makes the charcoal through which the whiskey slowly drips and acquires it's renowned smoothness.

It wasn't drink, but an old safe that finally did ol' Jack in, by the way. In a fit of anger he kicked an old safe and got gangrene -I only hope his whiskey helped ease the pain of his last days!

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Southern hospitality and sour mash.