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Girlfriend Getaways

My recent media tour with D S Simon Productions had me talking to news anchors all over the country about Girlfriend Getaways, one of today’s hottest travel trends. With women making 80% of all travel decisions across the board, the industry is catering to our needs with great packages geared just for us gals. Here’s the scoop: like it or not, and you can deny it till the cows come home (what does that really mean, anyway??) but men and women are different! We like to do different things, relax in different ways, and being with our girlfriends lets us relax in a way that is unique.

Didn't you read Eat, Pray, Love? This book has inspired women all over the country to travel as we recognize how getting out of our comfort zone can stretch us personally in ways that are unimaginable when we are sitting at home hanging out on the couch with our popcorn and tivo.
Married gals on vacation with their family pretty much end up taking care of the spouse, the kids, everything before themselves. GG’s lets us focus on ourselves and as I said to one reporter in Kansas, we're better in our relationships if we are happy with ourselves. I keep coming back to clichés recently but they’ve become clichés for a reason. If you treat yourself kindly, you're more likely to treat others that way as well, and so embrace the fact that treating yourself to a getaway will be good for everyone in the long run. Okay, in the short run you'll be the one relaxing in the hammock but you deserve it!!

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