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Bitter End Yacht Club

I’d heard so many raves about Bitter End Yacht Club and from the minute we got off the ferry from Tortola, I knew I was gonna love it as I was greeted with a helping hand, big smile, and a glass of rum punch - Mount Gay, of course (sailors are creatures of habit and growing up in a family full of them, I felt instantly at home!). Trust me, the laid back attitude will make you feel that way too. The Pub is the nightly hang out and we fell right in, ending our days over a drink on the deck - a perfect end...and anything but bitter!

The best way I can think to describe BEYC is as camp for adults. My friends all know that camp was my favorite place growing up so this is high praise! There's tons of activities, on & off the water – seaside yoga and massages suited me just fine - & rooms look like tree houses built into the side of the island with a wall of windows facing the Caribbean - talk about a room with a view!

 I interviewed Mary Jo Ryan, the longtime director (perfect for her job!) she says she can always tell pretty quickly whether a new staff member is cut out for island life I seriously dragged my heels getting on that return ferry, but without city life to escape from, I’m not so sure I could do it - Will just have to go back and do more research! I always joke about wanting a hammock with your name on it and mine was right outside my room. Our last night was spent hanging with new friends on my deck staring out the water – what more could you want?

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