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Paradise on your own 1200 acre island

When my Mom's impressed with my next assignment, I know I'm in for something special. Sitting on its own 1200 acres, Peter Island Resort accommodates only 100 guests with more staff than guests - that should tell you something right there! The raves - gorgeous beaches, endless water sports, great staff  - were all true, but it was the spa that really blew my socks off (well, flip-flops, to be accurate). Nothing's better than being pampered outdoors.

And forget what the phrase all -inclusive implies about food. I should've been embarrassed  to scrape the sushi platter clean at the buffet, but the fish was ridiculously fresh and a true foodie hath no shame! Lunch at Deadman's Grill had me dancing beachside to the steel drum band before checking out the Loop for a sunset cocktail. Fruity drinks with umbrellas are required - didn't you get the memo?

While I felt bad (sort of ) to destroy their privacy, I was thrilled to come upon a couple savoring the moment with champagne as it made our shot! As I travel I take note of rooms I'd like for my very own. Picture a huge bathroom with a long double basin counter top, big shower area leading to a fabulous 2 person soaking tub/Jacuzzi with a view of the ocean...Need I say more? The truly rich and famous can completely escape to the Luxury Villas with their own private staff, pools, and gardens.  To feel like you are the only people on earth, Peter Island is not cheap but it is worth it. Why are mother's always right?!!

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