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Fresh shopping in Charlotte

A shopping expedition to Charlotte? I'd never been to The Queen City and was excited to check out its fashion scene. You know, my editor always says I look happiest on camera when I’m shopping — Hmmm, I wonder why?! Fresh Boutique was a great find - and you know how I love discovering local gems. Fresh puts a classic spin on trendy and the atmosphere lets you feel at right at home. It’s intimate and yet a shopping spree will yield outfits for just about every occasion, including the accessories to top it all off.

I confess that I didn’t expect to find such a fabulous spot in North Carolina. But as soon as I spotted the great selection of Alvin Valley pants, I knew I was in trouble here. These long-legged, low-slung pants with their wide belt-like strip around the waist seriously do flatter almost every figure. Can someone please tell me why every woman is not stocking her closet?
My visit to Fresh Boutique put into practice one of my top travel tips – always pack a lightweight, extra tote bag in your suitcase to accommodate on-the-road purchases. Suffice to say, I was so not kidding when I said I was taking home a few souvenirs!!

Fresh Boutique 813 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207 

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Taking home a few souvenirs.