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Chicken or the egg?

No question for Bill Granger, one of Sydney’s top celebrity chefs known as the Egg Master of Sydney. Bill's whole career was built on a plate of humble, yet oh so decadent scrambled eggs. Whenever I travel, I ask my friends in the know for their list of must-haves. Unfailingly, Bills was at the top of many lists for my trip to Sydney with Santa Fe Films shooting my pilot episode of Signature Style. The notorious queues outside his Darlinghurst restaurant hint at what's to follow. All I have to say: YUM!

Exploring the local cuisine is an essential part of discovering a city and sometimes the diet simply must go. Since the ricotta hot cakes rivaled the eggs for the top spot on my friends’ lists, I happily complied. One bite knocked me speechless – hard to do, as my friends will attest! And don’t get me started on the perfectly crispy bacon…Isn’t everything better with bacon?! Legendary is all I have to say (besides YUM)!!

This self proclaimed ‘lazy cook’ was simply working in a restaurant to make his way through art school. Then one day a journalist ordered a plate of his scrambled eggs, wrote a full-page article in the 'New York Times', and changed Bill's life forever. Granger is a man who can cook, is absolutely adorable, as well as an irresistibly devoted family man. Ah well, with my autographed copy of his cookbook (one of 6), at least I can always wake up with his eggs.

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The incredible, edible egg