A San Francisco treat

Catherine Jane's beautiful, chic clothes had me happy dancing all over the store! Think classic with an edge rather than trendy. As she so perfectly puts it, 'Remember, just because a style is 'in' doesn't mean you should be in it.' Trends come and go but these clothes are timeless. Catherine designs and makes all the samples in store and then manufactures them locally so she can maintain the superior quality she's known for. And she only makes a few of each piece so you know you won’t be seeing your Catherine Jane outfit on other women.

I instantly spied a gorgeous brown coat, so chic I didn’t know even realize it was a waterproof raincoat. It folds up small and flat without wrinkling and has a secret, inner zippered pocket to hide a credit card, money and keys. It's the perfect travel piece so how could I say no? I can't help it, I'm always thinking my job...it's a curse!
Catherine Jane is known for her perfect fit. Hallelujah, a designer who truly gets that while something may look fabulously chic on the hanger, if I'm even remotely uncomfortable in it, that’s where it stays. Catherine is one smart and stylish gal herself and will assist you in putting together the perfect outfit for an event and will even custom tailor her designs to fit you to a tee, free of charge. As I say, when you find yourself creating occasions for a reason to wear something you haven't even bought yet, you know you've hit on something good.

So happy dance yourself into one of her two stores and check her out - You can thank me later!


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