Wrap around style

The biggest challenge for the fashionable female traveler is how  to pack enough to get us through our vacation in style without packing our whole closet.  Seven outfits in one, Maggie Coulombe’s unique silk pareos come in a variety of prints and colors that can be tied seven different ways, everything from a halter, skirt, poncho, bandeau and kimono style top, all the while giving you that casual elegant look we all strive to effortlessly achieve.

At her oceanfront atelier in Lahaina, Maggie and her partner Arid Chappell are so warm and unpretentious, proving that the whole friendly spirit of the Hawaiian people thing is absolutely no joke! A visit to her store makes you feel like you’re being treated to an afternoon of playing dress up in your most fabulous friend’s closet.
And you don’t have to be a star to get the royal treatment, even though they are used to dealing with Hollywood celebs (Halle Berry, Paris Hilton, Terry Hatcher to name just a few). Knowing that for some of us, wrapping a simple Christmas present provides enough of a challenge, they provide a sketched diagram showing how to create all these various looks yourself. Now if only the rest of life’s challenges can come with such diagrams!

www.maggiecoulombe.com Studio, 505 Front St. Maui, HI 96761

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