These boots are made for walking

My Sacco boots - and shoes- have traveled the world as they're all I need to keep me in both great comfort and style. In a town known for walking, and its fabulous fashion sense, this NYC retailer has developed a collection that lets you literally pound the pavement and be chic doing so. Sacco's collection of heels, boots, and flats will take you from a day of exploring into an evening on the town, with styles covering all the bases.

Good fashion knows no borders as women all over the globe have stopped to ask me about my Sacco shoes. As I’ve said before, I refuse to compromise my style just because I'm on the road. I also refuse to be that stereotypical American tourist running all over Europe in my sneakers. Dressing like a local will help you fit in and get a truer sense of a city, trust me.
The website can tell you all the ways in which Sacco footwear's been developed from the finest components to provide the most possible comfort. I'll just tell you that for a fraction of the cost of other chic and trendy labels, you'll look and feel like a million bucks.

I’m not Imelda Marcos or anything, but admit I’ve collected my fair share of Sacco shoes because they're that winning, rare combination of practical and chic! Nothing can kill an outfit faster than the wrong pair of shoes - being on the road is no excuse for being a Glamour magazine 'fashion don't'.

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