My chic and trendy Hobo

A line of bags designed by women for women, Hobo understands that life's a journey and what it takes to get there. All their products have unique details that make the journey easier: organizational pockets, security zippers, sturdy straps, functional spaces, and lightweight materials. Hobo bags are a great combo: sturdy and practical while stylish and hip at the same time.

My 'Lauren' wallet is my favorite Hobo and constant travel companion hands down. Its dual full size compartments lets me separate my American currency from my lire, pound, or yen when I travel abroad. It's inner zippered section lets me keep xeroxed copies of my passport and other important documents separate. Plus, it closes like a clutch to take me into the evening without having to shift everything into another purse. It's seriously the only wallet I ever carry, on and off the road!

When women all over the world ask me about an accessory, I know that I am on to something great - hence my colorful collection of wallets. My mother does always say 'when you find something you love, buy it in two colors... also 'when you find a shoe that fits, buy 2 pairs'...hence, again, my overflowing closet!

The whole line of bags are fabulous. My Hobo make-up bag has survived 7 years and counting. Plus, I always put one of my packable Hobo bags in my suitcase so I am not stuck with just my oversized carry-on bag which is way too huge to traipse around with on vacation. My mother always says that the right handbag completes an outfit. Thank god for Hobo - and mothers!

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