The joy of the Swancho

A cross between a shawl, a wrap, and a poncho, this cashmere accessory makes for the perfect travel outfit, providing an equal combo of comfort and style. Arrive just once without your luggage and an immediate dinner to attend and you'll never board without your Swancho again.

Plane temperatures always seem to fluctuate between the two extremes, with freezing being the common setting. Layering is the key to survival. Warm and soft, the luxe-yet-affordable swancho is just what you want wrapped around you - not those scary airplane blankets, if you can even find a blanket on the airplanes these days. You've got options: you can hook the right panel into the left for a poncho effect, roll both sides off the shoulder and close with a brooch, or simply wear it open. Reversible with contrasting colors, it's a great versatile piece that provides many looks in one, just what we want on the road.
This hip and sassy line was created by Tanya Traykovski and built around her alter ego, the fictional character of Isadora Story. A cross between Holly Golightly, Mary Tyler Moore, and Ally McBeal, Isadora's look is inspired by her eponymous Great Aunt, her hometown of NYC, and her worldwide travels.

My inspiration was my grandmother, but other than that, this has my name all over it. It was my grandmother who introduced me to Eloise, the little girl who lived at The Plaza Hotel, the alter ego of Liza Minelli. I read her books and have loved traveling and checking into hotels ever since.

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