Hooray for Hollywood

Ever wonder how the celebs manage to hit the red carpet in those dresses cut down to there without  spilling out? Hollywood Fashion Tape reveals the stars' most valuable secret for making sure that what should stay hidden stays underwraps!

This is easy-to-use, clear double-stick, “do everything” apparel and body tape that will handle the slew of last minute clothing disasters that can wreck havoc with your day when you are on the road. It will keep bra straps in place, prevents nip slips, hems skirts - all without a needle and thread. Traveling to the Windy City in your sexy new wrap dress? There's a fine line between sexy and slutty and Hollywood Fashion Tape lets you avoid revealing more than that hint of thigh. Even the most fashionable gals-on-the-go can fall prey to unforeseen fashion faux-pas.
As if they haven't thought of enough, the masterminds behind this life saver have now come out with an array of products to handle even more of life's embarrassing moments - oily shine, not-so-kissable breathe, underarm wetness, even itchy sewn-in tags that you'd remove if it weren't for the washing...or was it dry clean instructions?

Avoid the dramatic wardrobe malfunction
- Tara Reid and Janet Jackson aside, (and I don't think those were accidental anyhow), it's not the kind of publicity you're looking for.


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