All that's missing is the popcorn

A big head blocking your view? A bad movie you've already seen 3 times? Toshiba and its SD-P2900 portable DVD player lets you watch your movie your way. It’s also great for long the car-rides. The super bright 10.2" Widescreen LCD and jacks for 2 headsets lets two people watch comfortably together without getting on top of each other trying to see it. Moms with fidgety kids can thank me later! It's also good for downtime in my hotel room. I'm a night owl and now can lie in bed and not disturb anyone with the TV. Now if only I could control my urge to tap my feet and sing along with my favorite musicals!

With its exceptionally long battery life I can get 6 hours of play without recharging and not have to keep the charger with me at the airport. And the card slot that lets me view stills and videos from my camera - as well as listen to music - means fewer devices I need to bring with me on the road. Yippee - more room for shoes!
Now I know this is going to sound girly, but the best thing - okay, besides the amazing picture quality - is that it's easy to use right out of the box as frustrating manuals and hours of set up do not get me excited!

And because vacation should be all about making life easier - the SD-P2900 plays movies from where you last left off, and, so you can watch your favorite movie while relaxing in a hammock on a sunny beach without having to move and mess up your tan lines, there's a non-glare screen and great remote. You're picturing you in the hammock now, aren't you? Only thing not included is the paper umbrella for your pina colada.

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